Jeff Franko Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jeff Franko Photography / Kairos Images Co (Jeff Franko Photography) Tue, 02 May 2017 19:05:00 GMT Tue, 02 May 2017 19:05:00 GMT Jeff Franko Photography: Blog 92 120 Lifestyle Portrait Design When creating portraits I find it important to start simply with a conversation. Get to know your patrons and you will discover the key to their success and thus yours.

During Christmas season in 2015, we heard a something interesting and unheard of these days. When we poked our heads out the front door we discovered a group of people wandering the streets and knocking on doors where people were clearly awake. What a surprise to have Christmas caroling brought to life on your front yard. Our daughter and grandkids were visiting and as the kids had "never been in a parade" we all joined the procession. IMG_9978IMG_9978Singing Christmas carols in the neighborhood.

The group started at a local brew pub a few blocks away - and finished there as well. IMG_0003IMG_0003Finishing the Christmas carol parade at Intracoastal Brewing Co.

We'd run into the folks from time to time and chat. As we chatted more, becoming part of the group and the next Christmas adventure, I came to know the song leader better and learned more of their family business.

The family business is really a few business' that all have similar branding - including the color scheme. When asked to update their business portraits we talked further about the company, what they stand for. How they present themselves and their current branding. Since they relate all aspects of the company to the outdoors and their colors, Kelly green and pineapple yellow it seemed fitting to create portraits among these respective colors in nature. So that's what we did.


Not every patron will become a friend and not every friend will become a patron. But that conversation that begins in a line somewhere could lead to interesting opportunity.

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How do you measure time? Al_Bev_wedding_2Al and Bev Franko at their wedding in Ellensburg, Wash., on March 21, 1957. (photo by Maxine and Reinard) Al and Bev Franko on March 21, 2017 ready for a dinner celebration on their 60th wedding anniversary in Melbourne, Fla.Al and Bev Franko on March 21, 2017 ready for a dinner celebration on their 60th wedding anniversary in Melbourne, Fla. (Franko Photography)

Time is measured in many ways. Beyond a stopwatch or clock how does one measure time and what is a long-time?

For me 60-years of marriage is a long-time. Not many achieve that time marker in today's environment. But my parents have done this. And my dads parents before them.

Time for me is often measured in portions of a second when creating a photograph. For others it may be a number of seconds in making a video segment. For others, days or weeks in creating a painting or other works of art.

Today, for my parents, it's years that we're measuring.

On March 21, 1957 in Ellensburg, Wash. my parents took timeout from Central Washington College for their wedding ceremony.

So today, I am using two portions of a second to tie 60-years of marriage into one blog segment.

My parents raised two children amidst new development (Seattle suburbs) driven partially by a rapidly expanding industrial company (Boeing). Both had long careers, Dad as a public school teacher. Mom in banking, both before and then again after raising us kids. We were fortunate to grow up among a series of neighborhoods with parents that cared and knew just about every kid running around the area. And yes at that time we were running around pretty much untethered. But rest assured somebody with eyes in the back of their head knew if you wee on the wrong side of the law or morals.

We really did lead a Leave it to Beaver lifestyle. We were fortunate and we know this.

My parents made many memorable moments happen for us as a family and themselves.

Here's to many more memories and good times!

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Photography and continuing education I joined Professional Photographers of America in the late 90's as a way to further expand my photography and business skills. The association was formed in 1880 and is currently about 29,000 strong, according to PPA ( ).

In 2001 I applied successful passed a portfolio review and written exam to receive "Certified Professional Photographer" status. Maintaining this requires continuing education, which is always a good thing in any profession. I was on schedule to maintain my CPP status with continuing education points but noticed a little used caveat that allowed for taking the written exam again.

With all the changes in the industry since 2001 I thought it might be fun to challenge myself in this manner. It provided a further incentive to read some books from that were on the back burner list. It created familiarity with photographers previously unknown to me, again, sending me down new paths of inspiration.

The biggest changes in the industry have been provided by the digital charge. So the testing was much more digital related that back in 2001. This made it fun and reminded me of how much has truly changed thanks to technology.

There remains nothing quite like a beautiful print of your family displayed in your home.

Franko Photography PPA Certified Professional Photographer IMG_5583PPA Certified Professional PhotographerShortly after passing the written test to maintain my CPP status I received my paperwork and pin reminder of just how long I'd been around as a CPP

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Modified "garage lighting"

While the term "garage lighting" is somewhat new to me, the concept and my use of such was not. It's kind of an open shade concept. This refers to actually using the garage opening with you subject just on the edge of the shaded area. Such positioning provides a soft natural light that can be directional based on the time of day or modified to become more directional or dramatic with reflectors or light subtracting devices.

these photos were made in just a few minutes using that concept on the porch of our house as visitors departed a recent visit. The light has a bit more wrap-around as the open porch allows light from two directions. One of the photos - of my father and his sister - has the sun behind them and over to the right as you view the image. A reflector and light subtracting modifier would have added more depth and sculpting. However there was a deadline and we were all running late.

The other photo of my parents and my cousin is made at the northern end of the porch. The sun in the southern sky and the open front porch provided the main light and nice light for all subjects.

Both of these made in just a few minutes along with a group photo using the built in self-timer. I didn't even have time to dig out the remotes before we departed.

I've long enjoyed the use of open or edge shade for portraits along with a reflector or remote fired unit in a softbox for more formal images.

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Tom Jones - the astronaut JEFF FRANKO ASTRONAUTJEFF FRANKO ASTRONAUTNASA Astronaut Tom Jones explains how they train for the weightless experience of space flight during an appearance at Kennedy Space Center on Oct. 26, 2016. Jones flew on three space shuttle missions. (Jeff Franko Photography)

I had the great pleasure of playing tour guide to my father and cousin at Kennedy Space Center in late October. Well, I did as much guiding as I could as we got the official tours and info. It was a great day for weather and thus touring. One of the early stops was the speaking engagement of NASA astronaut Tom Jones. He graciously informed us all that he was not "that Tom Jones." Though he did toss in a couple hip gyrations as he said this.

If you ever have the chance to meet or see him speak I highly recommend grabbing that opportunity. He is engaging, entertaining and informative. He interacts with the audience and keeps things lively as well.

The photograph shows him talking about how they train for the weightless experience of space flight. This was in response to a question from a young boy.

He tells the story of how he became an astronaut and flew on three shuttle missions. He was one of those young boys who wanted to go to space the moment he learned about spaceflight.

His motto is never give up. He encourages that to his audience as well.

It was on his third application that he was finally granted an interview and the rest as they history.

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OFF CAMERA FLASH I've long been a fan of off camera flash. It adds depth and reality to photographs. And is vital to emulating natural light...a goal for many photographers.

While recently spelunking antique offerings around town I stumbled upon this art piece.

JEFF FRANKO PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE FLJEFF FRANKO PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE FLAntique hunting in Melbourne, Florida. Off camera flash with Brownie camera. Jeff Franko Photography

It put a smile on my face and my first thought was "now that's a great example of off camera flash."

The sculpture with the Kodak Brownie also reminded me of an experience many months ago when I helped and elderly couple pull an exposed roll of 620 B&W film from their Brownie Hawkeye. They're sending it off for processing and I hope to see the results. I believe they purchased it new back in the day as they Brought the box and booklet along for show and tell. As it was a somewhat random encounter I made two mistakes. The roll was only partially exposed and I should have used the rest of the roll to make photographs of them: And I neglected to get their contact info...arggh on both accounts. But those moments were great. They were charming, fun and ever grateful for the assistance and info on a lab that may still process the film.

JEFF FRANKO KODAK BROWNIEJEFF FRANKO KODAK BROWNIEKodak Brownie Hawkey with box and manual. The 620 roll film was pulled from the camera for the couple and hopefully provided many memories upon processing. Jeff Franko Photography

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Developing your brand Bull rider thrown at rodeoJeff Franko rodeo

As Hurricane Matthew was developing it's branding plan for the region last week, I was spending the day with Gina Barca of Barca Designs at her PPA Super 1 Day "Marketing Masterclass" in Jupiter, Fla. The day was spent talking about branding. Not the cattle branding of movies and rural life.

But I do have some background in that arena as well.

Our task was to delve into the psychology, colors, terms and overall design in corporate and personal brand development. Many of the most successful large corporations such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola rely heavily on brand recognition and placement. We all took a step back and did some cutting and pasting to develop branding boards.

Much was learned and shared.

With many thanks to Gina Barca and her expertise.

branding board photo showing brand inspirationsJeff Franko Photography branding board


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Early mornings Florida style 20151024 Jeff Franko PARADISE SURF SUN20151024 Jeff Franko PARADISE SURF SUNJoshua watches the sun rise, on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 at Paradise Beach Park in Melbourne, Fla. (Jeff Franko Photography)

I hit the beach well before dawn on a recent morning to photograph sunrise and experiment with the visual effect of long exposures in capturing the motion of the surf.

The nearly full moon had yet to set and provided a wonderful glow that only it can offer.

Taking a slight departure here, I first hiked under moonlight in Arches National Park after photographing Delicate Arch nearing sunset. This was summer of 1985. I'd met a couple there from California who photographed and hiked at night. We hung out and chatted a while, then hiked out well after sunset. It was awesome to realize the level of light provide by the moon when out in the remote desert. I still think of that time and wonder what happened to those folks. As I recall they were preparing for a big trip to photograph an astronomy event. Perhaps the total lunar eclipse in October of that year.

I still find joy in seeing my moon shadow. And even more joy the first time I showed the grandkids their moon shadow in Galesville, Md.

Back to my surf venture...

20151024 Jeff Franko PARADISE SURF SUN20151024 Jeff Franko PARADISE SURF SUNJoshua watches the sun rise, on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 at Paradise Beach Park in Melbourne, Fla. (Jeff Franko Photography)

I was surprised to see a couple surfers in the water already.

As the sun popped up and the start of school approached, they made their way to shore where I was able to make a few photographs of them. Thanks for your time guys. And yep, if you need a note for being late to school, I'll happily write one for you both.

20151024 Jeff Franko PARADISE SURF SUN20151024 Jeff Franko PARADISE SURF SUNKevin watches the sun rise, on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 at Paradise Beach Park in Melbourne, Fla. (Jeff Franko Photography)


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Making it happen. I've been very lucky to meet many people from all socio-economic categories throughout the course of my career and life. There are people in our world making a living and volunteering at all aspects of life that keep society moving forward and helping others in big and quiet ways.

We've got a new project going around the house and am pleased to be meeting more people in my local area. These guys are great examples of those that build the homes that much of humanity builds their lives around.

They are the foundation of our addition and will provide the foundation upon which our family and friends will build many memories upon.

RogerRoger is one of the men preparing the footings for piers on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2015. Roger happens to live across the street and down a few doors.

These guys are all hardworking men of tenacity, skill and kindness. Roger, above, just happens to live across the street and over a few houses.

They are up well before dawn to be in place and working before the sun comes up.

Jeff, above, makes me think of another hardworking man from our previous neighborhood.

Ernie, whom I met in Galesville, Md., spent much of his life on Alaska fishing boats and Maryland barges. He walked the street like a man that has spent his years working hard, and playing hard. Such a distinctive walk he has, you could spot him from a distance as he walked through the shadows.

The hands of men like this are as big and strong as their hearts. 

Returning to the current project...this is hard work in Florida weather.

With their years of experience, I've no doubt this home addition will last 100 years, like the existing part of the house. And we look forward to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren stopping by to say - "my grandfather helped build that way back in 2015."

Joe and Mitch round out the crew building the pier foundation.

Thanks to all for helping us expand.




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Pride Parade A parade fill the streets in front of our home on Saturday. Space Coast Pride celebrated a bunch of firsts according to their Web site: "FIRST time we party in the street, FIRST-ever LGBT Pride Parade, indoor and outdoor spaces for entertainment  &  vendors..."

The Eau Gallie neighborhood hosted the festival, using the park and civic center as the focal area. 

Everybody had a great time.

Thanks to all those who made it happen. 

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